For a Few Guineas More

For a Few Guineas More

Hot off the legal press is the latest collection of "Queen's Counsel" cartoons:

"For a Few Guineas More - The Legal Year in Cartoons"

by Alex Steuart Williams and Nick Reid available for £10 at

The inhabitants of 4 Lawn Buildings hurtle into the 21st Century as we present - in full colour - the best of the last six years of Queen’s Counsel cartoons from The Times. Marvel as our indefatigable lawyers progress through the legal year grappling with antiquated senior judges, modern office politics and the elusive search for the client with bottomless pockets.

Amazon says delivery "within 1-2 months", but Law Brief Publishing assure us that delivery times are in fact just a few days, and certainly in time for Christmas.

Very funny. Beautifully drawn. Sometimes makes me jealous." – Charles Peattie (creator and author of “Alex” cartoon) 

“Even more laughs than the Supreme Court” – Nick Newman

“More wonderful fish-in-a-barrel lawyer baiting from Alex Steuart Williams – one can only admire his courage in continuing to goad a profession notoriously at ease with seriously expensive solutions to libel and defamation” - Martin Rowson




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