Queen's Counsel now officially academic

by Alex Williams

Queen's Counsel now officially academic

I have a not-so-secret secret double life as a University lecturer, having accepted a position at Buckinghamshire New University in 2012, developing a new course in Animation and Visual Effects.

The world of higher education is tightly swaddled in a logic-defying bureaucracy which is almost as worthy of satire as the law. Even so, a university education, for all its many faults, is still a great deal cheaper than the average lawsuit, and there is something infinitely rewarding about trying to put together a really good course that delivers a first-rate education. It's been a great ride and, so far, going (mostly) according to plan.

For its part, Bucks has been kind enough to run a short piece on their website about the Queen's Counsel Lawyer's Omnibus, the latest collection of QC cartoons and, in my humble opinion, the best so far. You can read all about it here, and - who knows? - you might even be tempted to sign up for a course in Animation and Visual Effects.






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