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  • Being The Best

    Being The Best

    Sometimes being the best at a law firm isn't just not good enough, it's worse than being mediocre. Being a talented associate and a good lawyer...

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  • Leaving the firm

    Leaving the firm

    Associates leave law firms for three reasons. They go to another firm, hoping to make partner somewhere else, or they move "in-house" to become counsel to, say, Amalgamated Widgets PLC...

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  • Legal Aid Cuts

    Legal Aid Cuts

    Cuts to the legal aid budget are a familiar part of Government cost-cutting. After all, who weeps over cuts to lawyer's fees? Everyone knows they're just a bunch of overpaid fat cats...

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  • Getting Ahead

    Getting Ahead

    Getting ahead in a law firm is as much about politics as it is about your skills as a lawyer. You need to know what to kiss - and whose...

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