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  • Looking after clients

    Looking after clients

    Lawyers may be well-paid but they still have to do what their clients tell them. Few lawyers enjoy dealing with a grumpy client who wants to know exactly what their fees are being spent on, and why...

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  • Crime - the Barrister's Journey

    Crime - the Barrister's Journey

    A career in law is full of high comedy, usually of the unintended variety. One of the best slow burning entertainments in the business is to watch the transformation of your fellow law students (and yourself) from fight-for-justice radicals into fat cat silks and coporate partners...

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  • Secrets of Success

    Secrets of Success

    All barristers have their tricks - it's what makes a good advocate...

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  • Signs of Spring

    Signs of Spring

    Pupil Barristers get released onto an unsuspecting public in the spring, six months after they start their pupillages in chambers the previous October...

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